Curtains give color and personality to any kind of room. You can find all sorts of curtains that are used in homes, offices, cheap hotels by Amsterdam airport, public establishments, and other commercial buildings. And the materials that these curtains are made of range from ordinary cotton, polyester, wool, and silk.

They may be as beautiful and as luxurious as they look but they are still a hassle to clean. The length and width of curtains can take you hours to clean them. And each window can have at least two panels, you will have your hands full in cleaning and washing them all.

Here are the ways to effectively clean your curtains:

Using vacuum

You do not have to wait for the next laundry day to clean your curtains. All you have to do is have regular maintenance and cleaning of your curtains by using a vacuum cleaner. You can use regular units to remove the dust that accumulated on the curtain. But to efficiently take out all the dirt on them, you must use the specialized vacuum cleaners that are used for carpets and curtains. These products have higher suction pressures which can excellently restore the cleanliness of your curtains.

But getting curtain vacuum cleaner can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you want to save on electronics, you can search these kinds of products in online shops like Lazada or Zalora. These e-commerce sites regularly give out discount code for credit card use or cash payments and even on C.O.D. to attract more customers.

Using steam cleaner

This is great especially for curtains with heavy fabrics. Using a high-quality steam cleaner can clean and sensitize your curtains in no time. Steam cleaners are also good tools to use because they do not require a long drying process and a small fraction of traffic for website reviews to get it done.


Some curtains are made of very delicate materials. Those that have been passed from generation to generation can be very sensitive to heat and machine washing. To make sure that you retain the beauty of the curtains, it is recommended that you wash them with your hands. You are not only taking into account the amount of pressure that you apply on the fabric but you are also choosing to use the right detergents and the type of water to use.