Marie Kondo is the hottest trend nowadays when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your room. She has been in all the popular talk shows and has guested in all the lifestyle TV shows here and abroad. Although the website reviews of her method are mixed, the majority of the reactions and the evaluations from people are generally positive. How does it feel like to clean your home like Marie Kondo?

KonMari method

KonMari method

The KonMari method is the style used by Marie Kondo to clean and declutter a room. According to her website, it is a state of mind and a way of life that focuses on nurturing the objects that spark joy in your life. This means that you only have to keep the things that bring joy. It is like envisioning yourself in a round trip airfare to Amsterdam holiday and only looking at stuff that will encourage your enthusiasm and awake your senses.

You have to think really hard about it. This can be pretty hard especially for hoarders who assume that everything they buy has some use in the future. But the KonMari method gives freedom to the person. Instead of being attached to a material, you only keep the ones that can be of service to you today. If you do not have any use on it, then it is better to take a moment to reflect on the effectiveness of this object and then release it. These include the items that you got using voucher codes or promo codes such as the ctrip promotion code for visa card holders.

Steps to take

The steps that you need to undertake to perform the KonMari method is easier said than done. First, you have to commit yourself on cleaning up. So, no more excuses, no more alibis. You have to stick to your original goal to remove the unnecessary stuff in your home.

Next, you need to imagine the life that you will have after you tidied up. Feel the sense of transformation that you will be getting after the method is performed. Third, you have to finish letting go first. Choose the ones that are easy to give up. Then, you have to sort everything based on category. This means counting and sticking to particular items while taking into consideration your whole home. Lastly, ask yourself if the item that you are holding sparks joy in your life.