All the houses that I have ever been to have windows. They are one of the integral parts of any home. Windows bring a kind of authenticity and personality in any structure. They come by different shapes, sizes, and designs. Windows indeed carry a kind of spectacle that no other part of a building can do.

Cleaning your windows

The problem with windows, however, is its maintenance. It is quite difficult to clean the windows and turn it back to its pristine condition. Over time, windows accumulate dust, water, snow, and other elements. They face different seasons and with them, harsh rains, hot weather, and cold climates and cleaning them can be a bit of a challenge like a guided bike tour.

As you gaze by the window and look outside cheap Amsterdam hotel you booked using expedia discount code hotel, you will understand how tough it is to clean these sections of the structure. But it is still doable. And you can be the best in cleaning windows, be it in your home or your office. So the question is, how can you effectively clean your window?

Prepare all your tools and chemicals

Before starting the maintenance steps in cleaning your window, you have to make sure that you have everything that you will need. Here are the items that you will use- a brush or sponge, cloth for drying, set of clean cloth, water, cleaning solution, bucket, and towels for the floor.

These items can cost you hundreds of dollars depending on the brand that you use. But you can save on these products if you use coupon codes or promotional code you can easily find online. You can also get them in bundles. If you are working for a commercial maintenance business, it is recommended that you buy in bulk to save more on these products.

cleaning your window

Mix your cleaning solution

You have a lot of cleaning solutions to choose from. It is best to choose brands that are already proven to remove dirt and water stains from windows. Check the back of the cleaning solution to determine the amount of cleaning solution to be placed in the water. Use the bucket to mix them.

Wipe away

Use a cloth or squeegee to put the cleaning solution on the window. Then, use a cloth or glass cleaner to wipe the cleaning solution off. To completely clean the surface, use a drying cloth.