If you are looking for a partner in cleaning your home or commercial building, you can contact us right away. We are the top honcho when it comes to turning your dirty rooms into more than livable spaces.

Cleaning service

From the humble beginnings of cleaning neighbors’ houses and the nearby street’s apartments, we are now a forty-three employee strong company. We are composed of hardworking, meticulous, and diligent people whose only goal is to clean your room or workspace. We can do regular or interval cleaning of your home at a competitive price. We guarantee that you will receive the service that you are paying for.

Residential cleaning

We can go to your homes, apartments, townhouses, or rented rooms and clean them all up for you. We have been doing the residential cleaning business for three years now. With every kind of experience that our employees go through, we make sure that we learn from it and improve the level of customer service that we want to give our clients. But do not take our word for it. You can read more about our quality service in magazines, tech blogs, and newspapers.

All parts of the house

The key to cleaning homes is utilizing the right tools and the appropriate chemicals to remove dirt and restore areas that have long been affected by grease, slime, grime, and the like. We are experts in home cleaning. And we can clean every part of the house at your request.

Kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, garages, bathrooms floors, walls and ceilings, roofs, windows, and exterior walls- just say it and we will do it. You can go on your canal bus roundtrip Amsterdam holiday while we clean your house. Have a good time outside the home while we do the cleaning for you. When you go back, we guarantee a better and cleaner household.