We are one of the leading home cleaning services in all of Amsterdam. We are also becoming recognized as the top residential and commercial cleaners in the Netherlands because of our superb customer support, 100% reliability, fast delivery, and faster response compared to the competition even if they use a dating app to attract lonely clients.

Aside from our cleaning service, we also established two new departments in our company.

Full-time and part-time cleaners

Because of the expansion of our business, we are now looking to reach new areas in the Netherlands with the same high-quality service that we do in Amsterdam. We want to provide the same cheap hotels & flights-like accommodation that we do to our loyal customers to potential clients outside the city.

We are searching for new full time and part time cleaners who can join our organization. You can be one of the members of our growing family. We can provide you with top benefits that are far beyond those offered by other companies in the same industry. We take care of you because you are going to take good care of our name, our reputation, and our business.

Cleaning consumables

If you like the results of our home cleaning service, it is because we are partnering with the best companies in the industry. We are only using top quality products to clean your homes and commercial spaces. We do not want to use anything less than what you deserve. The consumables that we utilize are proven and tested to remove any dirt, grime, and slime that you can think of.

Because of this, we want you to also have the same products that we use. You can buy these cleaning agents, chemicals, and items from us. Just tell us the ones that you are interested in purchasing and we will make sure to send you a quote for these products.